How might we...
...bring extra value and joy into the daily use of Ridely?​​​​​​​
Ridely is an app for equestrians, to help them improve their training and reach their goals. They launched in 2017 and today they have about 7000 weekly active users from primary the UK, USA and Sweden.
The Ridely app provides features such as the calendar, the logging and tracking tool and a variety of movies with different exercises. Their mission is to help equestrians on all levels to reach their full potential.

Hi-fi prototype along with user research insights.

December 2020

UX design, UI design, service design

Leading the design process. Research, create and evaluate design solutions, user testing and prototyping.

1 UX designer/service designer, 2 UX designers, 1 facilitator 
Something our client pointed out in an early stage was that the app is too serious, too educational. With this in mind, they wanted us to introduce a new feature that promotes interactions within the community and also results in retention and referrals. 
Target group
90% of Ridely's users are women in the age of 15-35, living in the UK, USA and Sweden. When it comes to their riding skills, the majority describe themselves as in between a newbie and a pro. We were asked, not to limit us but to focus on this group of users. 
To understand
We began our research by conducting a competitive analysis and performing an expert evaluation to familiarise ourselves with the Ridely app. This initial assessment revealed that Ridely has a well-structured interface with a clean UI. However, we identified certain design solutions that hindered user interaction and engagement within the app. For instance, we noticed a lack of clear pathways for users to connect with others and a lack of guidance on finding support or assistance. Given the client's request for enhanced user interactions within the app, these findings prompted us to dig deeper.
Our research continued with on-site observations of riders in their stables, followed by ten interviews with various riders. Half of our interviewees had prior experience using the Ridely app, while the other half had no previous experience. Our objective was to gain deeper insights of the daily lives of riders and their specific needs.
As part of our secondary research, the client provided us with direct user feedback.
In the final phase, we defined our research findings into key quotes, grouped them into clusters, and formulated 'How might we' questions.​​​
By doing ideation in a Miro board, every thought and idea was pined out and got structured and processed. To get our brains going we used different brainstorm methods such as crazy8 and brain builder. We made sure our solutions stayed connected to the users needs and the project's purpose by looking at our defined research and keeping the HMW in mind.
As a support in the decision making, regarding what idea to proceed with, we used the high impact/low effort template. 
Finally, we had two main solutions - The Checklist and The Social forum. On top of that we also kept some of our nice-to-have ideas - The Event map, Notifications and an expanded Search feature to find and connect with others.

Prototype & Test
It was crucial to seamlessly integrate the new features with the existing ones. Usability testing played a significant role in refining the prototypes.
Due to the pandemic, some of our tests were conducted remotely.

Something that every horse owner needs to take care of everyday is to make sure that their horse gets fed. Either they do it themselves or they might take help from others. Maybe they are several people with horses taking turns, helping each other feed the horses. A common way to keep track of the feeding is to use a whiteboard or the classic pen and paper. 
The main solution was to bring a digital version where the user can not only check off their duties, but also get reminders, confirmations, and be able to plan ahead with others - The Checklist. The riders can carry the checklist with them in the app and get instant updates. The list can also be used for other purposes, such as medication or cleaning routines. Ridely can therefor gives the users an relief in their daily routines and the user can invite others to take part of the benefits. The more they are, the better it will be.
The Social forum was the second solution. A way to bring some lightness and feeling of community into Ridely. They can still get inspiration and share knowledge but in a more interactive way and not necessarily with a focus on training and progress. This can help the user feel more confident and safe and willing to interact even more. 
And as a cherry on top - the Event map, Notifications and the Expanded search feature to find and connect with others. With these features the users are now able to find people, share experiences and help each other. They can easily get an overview of upcoming events through the event map and get reminded about important happenings through the notifications.
Drafts from final solutions.
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