From idea to product
Since 2020 Cramo is part of Boels Rental and together form Europe’s second largest service and equipment provider in the rental industry. With a focus on business ethics and sustainability the Boels-Cramo Group now operate in 18 countries. They provides services and equipments such as transport, machine tracking, construction machines, building site facilities and access equipments.

As for this project, Cramo had a vision to develop an even greater service. A digital platform for their customers to manage equipment and employees in an efficient, safe and sustainable way.​​​​​​​
March 2022 - March 2023

UX, UI design

Leading an agile design process. Research, create and evaluate design solutions.

2 UX designers, 2 frontend dev, 2 backend dev, 1 data analyst, 1 scrum master/tester, 1 PO
Mission & Delivery
From idea to selling product - Create and validate design solutions for a new web based product. 
Help Cramo improve safety and sustainability while also making it easier for customers to manage their rental activities. The delivery should be ready for the market as a new service together with Cramo's other offers.
Our team worked with Scrum and two-week design sprints to stay agile and collaborative throughout our projects.
Observations at one of Sweden's Cramo depots. All major machines have their own barcode. Something that was later used for future SmartControl features.
Early sketches of cost control underwent significant changes and redesigns through iterations for the final delivery, while the main goal remained unchanged - to be able to control rental costs.
A user persona and user flow. We had three main personas: The construction worker, the site manager and the admin persona.
A picture of a hi-fi prototype of Manage fleet and Cost control being ready for an usability test.
A hi-fi prototype of Manage fleet and Cost control being ready for an usability test.
Post-it notes from usability tests and interviews of early sketches. 
Post-it notes from early usability tests followed by multiple iterations. 
Design extracts of Manage fleet where the user can view all their rentals as well as the ones that are planned and the returned. The user can get a quick overview of late returns, rental periods, problem reports and access equipment information and order details. They can also handle returns and rental period.
Part of the design solution for Cost Control where the user can control costs by make hidden costs visible, compare to budget, and plan ahead by looking at the whole project timeline. Highlight numbers, filtering and sorting functions have been the main components here. 
Design of Energy & Climate. Data is collected by sensors that are placed within the construction area. This allows the user to track humidity, temperature, emission levels and water and energy consumption. It functions as a tool for planning when to move on to the next step with which machines in a construction project. It also allows the user to regulate use so that it does not exceed sustainability goals. 
Part of the design solution for Telematics. With help of sensors placed on the large machines, data such as idle time, last usage, active hours can be tracked. Through Telematics the user can analyse the data and make changes to use the machine more efficiently which saves on resources. 
Design extracts of Plan. A planning tool which allows the user to plan, forecast and scope a whole project and get suggestions on services and equipment needed for different phases of the project. The uses can play around and change the measurements back and forth before making any decisions. This tool helps the user to plan ahead and get an overview before making an order. 
Our own design system that grew bigger and more defined during the project time. Including colours, icons, components, layout and text.
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