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Ablemind analyses individual descriptions of a persons mental health using NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning to automatically identify mental health issues and provide recommended actions. The clinically validated assessment tool has been developed from extensive research at Lund University and is used in Swedish healthcare.
Their work focuses on building long term resilience and well-being.
December 2021

UX design ​​​​​​​

Research, create and evaluate design solutions for a MVP
Ablemind have a service called Enable from which you can get a personalised weekly program based on how you’re feeling. The program contains activities to promote better mental health and well-being.
My mission was to design a MVP prototype for the planning of the activities and the follow-up of the activities. Also, to connect it with Ablemind's product and make any existing sketches cohesive with the new design.​​​​​​​
An interactive MVP prototype, connected to the existing product, ready to be taken into further user testing.
To understand
Previous research combined with eight new user interviews helped me get a better understanding of who I was designing for. To define and summarise the most important findings, an empathy map was made of the user Anja.
I proceeded by formulating HMW questions to help laying ground for the ideation part.
Following, an empty- the-brain kind of brainstorming was done and sorting of ideas according to my HMW questions. Reminding myself that this was a short project and the nice-to-have ideas had to be parked for later.​​​​​​​
Finally, I made a few different design suggestions on how the planning feature could look like. Followed by rapid visual preference user tests.
Time to sketch out the flow and connect it to the existing product. Figuring out necessary actions and gateways. When the flow was ready and had the planning and follow-up in place, I continued with sketching out flows, frames and then finalising it in Figma.
It was important to keep in mind that this product is a tool to help people create or maintain good mental health. The design needed to be friendly, supportive and forgiving. I therefore designed friendly reminders to follow up the weekly activities with guidance on how to reschedule the week if needed. Also with alternatives to the activities if the chosen ones suddenly would be to challenging.
Next step
Design a solution for "Treatment results" where the user gets weekly personalised tools based on their own challenges.
But this is a completely different project that I happily tell you more about over a coffee :)
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